The Skeptic's Book of Lists

The Skeptic's Book of Lists is the perfect book for the skeptical reader interested in a light and humorous approach to all the ways human thinking fails and the odd paths human inquiry follows. The Skeptic's Book of Lists is brought to you by Karl Mamer, the host of the long-running Conspiracy Skeptic podcast. Within the pages of this book, Mamer offers a broad compendium of woo topics examined from the skeptical point of view. Everything is arranged "book of lists" style, making for an easy and fascinating read.

Mamer looks at skeptical topics in the world of Ufology, Cryptozoology, Pseudoarcheology, Young Earth Creationism, Free Energy, Alt Med, the History of Conspiracies, crank ideas from the world of Math and Engineering, and a whole lot more. Buy a copy today for yourself or a skeptical friend!

Where can I buy a copy?

Glad you asked! Get it on (US) or (Canada) now!

Can I get a sneak peak?

Sure! Here is a PDF of the first chapter and the table of contents.

How do I contact you?

Email me at

Praise for The Skeptic's Book of Lists

"I recommend this book so highly that my level of recommendation is only legal in like seven states right now."

Blake Smith
Writer, Thought Litre, Award Winning Podcaster (Monster Talk)

"The breadth of astonishing and dubious claims catalogued in this book delights me to my core. Flip to any random page, and you're bound to find a trove of trivia you'll want to bother your friends about for weeks. After reading The Skeptic's Book of Lists, I cannot eat an Oreo without pondering its (tenuous at best) connection to the Church of Satan."

Brian Thompson
Host Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's podcast


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